It's Time for Your Vehicle's Back-to-School Service

The reason you need to have your vehicle's cooling system inspected as the new school year approaches is because there are a number of key parts working together to protect the moving engine parts from damage.

The mechanic checking the cooling system will flush the coolant in the radiator, then give the exterior a full visual inspection. The radiator cap must be the right pressure to keep the coolant from escaping the system.

The water pump will be checked for any leaks, and then the belt visually inspected for weakness or signs of damage.

The thermostat has to be working perfectly or the temperature of the engine can get too hot and cause those internal moving parts to seize.

The radiator fan must be operational or the coolant traveling through the radiator will not be adequately cooled. Belts and hoses will be checked to make certain that they are secure and that the clamps have not corroded to the point that they begin to fail.

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