The 2018 Honda Odyssey: The Magic of Magic Slide Seating

When someone buys a minivan, they're making an investment in space. If you're a family driver, a dedicated carpooler, or just love legroom, there's nothing like a minivan to give you what you need. And when space is really important? There's nothing out there quite like the Honda Odyssey and its Magic Slide seating system.

While three rows of seating offer a lot of room on their own, the Magic Slide seating system lets you maximize Odyssey's interior space. How does it work? The middle row of seats is designed so that they can be shifted from side-to-side to different positions inside the minivan. Let's say two passengers want to sit closer together to share a device. You can slide their seats together. Maybe your children are getting a bit rowdy and need some space. Slide them apart and you can give them that space.

If you want to pull a seat closer to the driver and front passenger, you can move it to a middle position and pull it forward. There are several variations available that make it easy for you to customize your interior to your liking. Stack that benefit on top of everything else the Odyssey has to offer, and you get a minivan that's hard to resist.

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