Car Wash Schedule

How many times per month should you wash your car? We here at Honda of Santa Fe think that a weekly car wash is best. In some instances, a car wash every other week is advisable. Here's why.

Benefits of a Car Wash

A car wash cleanses your car of any irritants that potentially corrode the paint, finish and undercarriage. A compromised undercarriage can lead to diminished function, wear and unforeseen breakdowns. A weekly car wash can prevent many of these outcomes. It also keeps your car looking and feeling younger for years to come.

Weekly or Monthly

If you drive every day and mostly park on the street, consider washing your car weekly. If you park your car in a covered garage most of the time, wash your car every other week. Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to adjust your car washing schedule to account for your car's exposure to harsh elements that come and go with seasonal changes.



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