The blind-spot monitor is one auto safety feature our Honda of Santa Fe team members love to show off. Blind-spot monitors save lives, preventing nearly 25% of crash injuries annually. Unfortunately, blind-spot monitors aren't standard, which is why they're still somewhat misunderstood.

Blind-Spot Monitor 101

A blind-spot monitor is a system of either mirrors, sensors and lasers that detect vehicles in your blind spot while you're driving. Blind-spot monitor alerts can either be a vibrating driver's seat or a light in the driver's side mirror.

Blind-spot monitors started out as very expensive tech only featured on upper trims in select videos. As of 2019, this feature is still not as widely available as it should be, being standard on only 9% of vehicles in the 2017 model year.

Aliases: Blind-Spot Monitors by Other Names

As the blind-spot monitor becomes more standard, it tends to appear in safety tech bundles, packaged with tech that uses similar means (mirror, sensors, lasers, etc.). As a result, manufacturers call it by different names, such as lane-change assist or lane-change departure. To see exactly how a blind-spot monitor works in Santa Fe, visit our dealership today for a quick, informative test drive.


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