Easily Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

At Honda of Santa Fe, we value your on-road safety. Optimal tire pressure and tread depth enhance that safety.

Monthly, check your tires' pressure. See your owner's manual or door jam for your vehicle's ideal pressure. Measure each tire with an air-pressure gauge. Add or reduce air as necessary. Under-inflating causes poor response and may make a tire detach from its wheel. Over-inflating causes reduced surface-area contact between your tires and the road. Both sub-optimal conditions ruin tires' treads quickly on Santa Fe-area roads.

Routinely check your tires' treads by measuring their grooves' depths. You can stick a penny into each groove with Lincoln's head pointed toward the tire. If you see all of Lincoln's head once the penny contacts the groove's bottom, you should replace the tire. You can also judge groove depth via wear bars, which all modern tires possess. Built into tires' grooves, these bars signal a necessary tire replacement once a tire's tread wears down to them.



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