Why Some People Prefer Crossovers

One of the more recent additions to the car industry is the crossover. It's only been an option for less than a decade; in fact, it's so new that you might not even know where in the automotive world it fits and who might be interested in driving it over an SUV or minivan. At Honda of Santa Fe, we want all of our customers to have the latest knowledge in the automotive world, so here are a few reasons that people like crossovers.

The minivan was the ideal car for families for years, but they have a boxier design than a crossover, which can offer a lot of the advantages of a minivan with an exterior design that people find more aesthetically pleasing. The crossover also doesn't carry the same negative connotations that some people have toward the soccer mom stereotype.

Many people also prefer the crossover over the SUV because some crossovers get better gas mileage. Crossovers are built like a car whereas SUVs are built like trucks, so crossovers often require less fuel even if you can't go off-roading with them.



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