You should never underestimate the importance of keeping your tires properly inflated. Although proper tire inflation is often overlooked by many car owners, it can have a significant impact on how well your car drives and how long your tires last.

When your tires are not properly inflated, it means that pressure is not being distributed evenly across your tire's tread. In time, this will cause your tire's tread to wear down and ultimately separate. Your car will also use more gas as it is working harder to drive properly. Underinflated tires also generate more heat and can lead to dangerous and untimely blowouts. You should always check your tires for proper inflation, especially if you live in extreme weather environments.

If you need to have your tires inspected or you want to learn more about properly inflating your tires, come see us at Honda of Santa Fe and let one of our technicians get you back on the road safely.



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