Tips for Your Next Tailgate

Your truck can transform a mediocre tailgate into the most interesting one in the parking lot. Ideally, you will get to the stadium several hours early to properly prepare your food and drinks. It is also a good idea to prepare your food for cooking the night before the game.

In addition to food and drinks, don't forget to pack jumper cables and a first-aid kit. These tools will come in handy if the truck doesn't start because you used its battery to power your grill or when someone gets a headache or a stomach ache. The jumper…

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Here's what you need to know about buying a used car

Have you been looking for a used car you can count on? Have you been searching for something reliable? Do you want a car with plenty of space? Do you want something that's sleek and sophisticated? Finding the right used car doesn't have to be challenging. Here's what you need to know.

Start off by taking a car for a test drive. Did you know that a test drive is a great way to determine whether a car will meet your needs?


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It's Time for Your Vehicle's Back-to-School Service

The reason you need to have your vehicle's cooling system inspected as the new school year approaches is because there are a number of key parts working together to protect the moving engine parts from damage.

The mechanic checking the cooling system will flush the coolant in the radiator, then give the exterior a full visual inspection. The radiator cap must be the right pressure to keep the coolant from escaping the system.

The water pump will be checked for any leaks, and then the belt visually inspected for weakness or signs of damage.

The thermostat has to be…
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Stay Entertained on Your Summer Road Trip

Whether you're traveling with a group of adults or young children, having some fun games to play on the road is always a good way to keep boredom at bay. We want you to enjoy your vehicle this summer, so here are some game ideas that everyone will enjoy.

Both of these games can involve things you'll see on your travels. The first is called "I Spy." One player looks for an item in the distance while the others attempt to figure out what they see. The license plate game is also a great option that can last…

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Is an SUV in Your Future?

Here at Honda of Santa Fe, we want you to have the best information when shopping for your next vehicle. Our team wants you to know what's available so you can match your needs to the right vehicle.

Maybe you have a large family. Maybe you often find yourself taking kids to friends' houses or kids and friends to school activities several times a week. An SUV might be just the vehicle you're looking for. With an SUV, you can comfortably seat several people and make the best use of your resources. When you're transporting several people…

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Have you ever wondered exactly how it is that your vehicle comes to a stop when you roll up to a stop sign or traffic light? The answer is friction! More accurately, the way an automobile comes to rest is the brake pads generating friction as they rub against the wheels which slows its motion.

Brake pads are small metallic bricks attached to a lever that is further connected to the brakes you press down on inside your car or truck. Composed of a mixture of soft but durable metals, they are designed to press against the wheel perfectly in…

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Alignment: Why it Matters and What You Can Do

A properly aligned car will improve gas mileage, enable tighter and smoother handling, and reduce the normal wear and tire on tires. There are a number of signs to indicate that your alignment needs inspection, including vibration in the steering wheel, pulling to the left or right, or uneven wear on the tires. Problems with alignment can also be caused by acute incidents such as hitting a curb or pothole. Regardless of the cause, it is important to have all alignment issues inspected and serviced so that the vehicle will continue to run efficiently and safely and to avoid costlier…
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The 2018 Honda Odyssey: The Magic of Magic Slide Seating

When someone buys a minivan, they're making an investment in space. If you're a family driver, a dedicated carpooler, or just love legroom, there's nothing like a minivan to give you what you need. And when space is really important? There's nothing out there quite like the Honda Odyssey and its Magic Slide seating system.

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The Honda Model Lineup Picks Up Eight "Editor's Choice" Awards from Car & Driver Magazine

When one of an automaker's cars wins an award, that's nice. When a single brand's vehicles win eight from the same venue? That says something. And that's exactly what happened recently with the Editor's Choice awards from Car & Driver Magazine. The famous auto market publication released the winners of its 2018 awards, and Honda cars took more than their fair share of the recognition. From compact sedans to mid-size trucks, the Honda lineup won in a diverse range of categories.

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Car Batteries & Replacements: What You Should Know

If your car's electrical system seems to be off or your lights flicker when you turn the ignition, you likely have a dying car battery. You can easily get a diagnostic on your battery from any auto parts store or service center. In these cases, your car battery will need to be replaced. There are several types of batteries, but typically you want one with a high rating that will last at least two years.

Most batteries need to be replaced every 3 to 4 years depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Once you get the…
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